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REQUEST: Background for homepage

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Hi guys, im trying to make this iphone forum and for that im in need of a background for the homepage. again with my limited photoshop skills, i ask for you guys to help me out. Dimensions should be 1600x1000 and in the middle theres the forum part. Ive uploaded a picture for you to see what i mean - the area blurred out is the area where theres text. I imagine something like what ive made, same style - with kinda like one or two big pictures. Would be cool with steve jobs, but other things could also be ok.

Ive made one in black cause that was what i could do, but brighter colors will also be good. just not pure white as the forum and different boxes is also white. The page is iPhone4sforum, so that would be cool also on the picture.

Hope u can help me out, and feel free to ask for more details if nessesary

Thanks in advance

Not open for further replies.