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[Request] US Air Force pilots need help with flight suit patch redesign. Reward.


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Hi, I am an Air Force pilot, and we are looking for a patch for our class. We are training to fly new aircraft, and the patch is a huge part of our tradition. We have this example "Avengers" themed patch we like (see link at bottom), however we want it to look even better. Do you have a new take on this patch? Something cooler, or more retro? Any interesting take on it? Or do you have a better idea for another patch design? Here are some details which may lead to design elements: We are a class of 26, we will fly 3 aircraft here; The T-6A Texan ii, the T-1 Jayhawk, and the T-38 Talon fighter trainer. We have 2 Italian and 2 Kenyan Air Force pilots also training with us. We are training at Vance AFB in Enid, OK. We are class "16-11". At a minimum, we would need Vance and the class number on this patch. We are also not locked into the shield template, so if you have a different template you think would be cool, go for it. For the reward: We will make some extra patches for you and ship you some, including one signed by the class, as well as a nice class photo all signed by us. You will also have the patch and and an honorable mention in our class video. We will vote by July 1, 2015. We are hoping for Epic, something very cool that we will love showing off, and you can show off to! Thanks for the help!

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