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Illustrator *request*

Hey everyone, I do a music podcast and I've been in need of new cover art, or profile.
I was thinking of the classic skull and bones look, but with a twist! (gasp!)

I look like this:
My face would be the skull, with meh Jewfro :p
So if someone could make that, that'd be great. I attempted to with the pen tool, but oi vay was it difficult.
To simply it, just my face and hair. I am going for a 2d kind of look.
For my mouth I was thinking of a smirk or a poker face kind of look.

As for the bones I was thinking afro picks, like these:


I was thinking more so the ones on the right side.

Whichever I like the most I'll give a shout out to you in my next podcast! :cool:

If you want to listen to it go here

In advance, thanks!