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Specific Requesting cigarette dangle and/or exhale


Hello all. I do want to try to branch out into other interests and ideas for photo editing so this may be the last smoking related photoshop request that I post on here for now. I know I have the 'Specific' prefix next to my thread title but I would also want to encourage any editors to be creative here too since I have several different ideas for this image and I'll definitely appreciate seeing any one of them get done.

- Just seeing her dangle a cigarette (lit or unlit) from her lips
- A puff or small cloud of exhaled smoke escaping from her lips while she still has the cigarette dangling
- A nose exhale while she still has the cigarette dangling from her lips
- Editing her arm and hand into the photo and allowing her to take a drag but I'll understand if that can't conveniently be done
- No visible cigarette at all but have her exhale a large thick stream of smoke from her lips to the end of the image
- Finally, it can be any kind of cigarette including traditional filtered/cork tip, all white, 120 or even a More since I want to encourage creativity and variety

Thanks for any and all assistance you can provide here. This site is filled with so much wonderful talent.

Beautiful woman smoking.png