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Specific Resize request

Just to be clear, there is no way the resolution of the original image can be created from a smaller resolution image. In effect, it is already "ruined" at a lower resolution and in a lossy compressed format (i.e. JPEG image)
What can be done is try to recreate some detail from nothing to best simulate what "might" be the original with tools and skills by members of the forum to the best of their ability and time. Not a bad bargain for being "free"

That said, here is my try using several techniques and hope you like the results.
John Wheeler

Cheery scene original-enlarged.jpeg
HI Argos, of course not. I found the best quality image on line that I could (1350 wide) and then enlarged from there. I apparently don't know how to use google image search as well as you as I did not get that big of a selection. Besides loading the image did you direct the search any special way because I am missing something.