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I'm getting very confused. I'm using a set of custom brushes but want to increase the size of the brush to accommodate a larger image. (For simplicity purposes imagine the brush is just a solid round circle) For example, the brush is about 950px but i want it to fill most of an 11x14 background so i'm increasing the size to around 2300px. In doing this I understand (i think) that the brush will start to blur a bit. When i zoom to 100% I can see the blurriness (as compared to the 950px brush at 100%). My question is either how (can i?) fix this or what will it exactly look like when printed? If the resolution is set to 300 instead of 72 will that affect anything? Is the 100% zoom an accurate reflection of what it will look like printed? If it's not really fixable then my question becomes why do people create custom brush sets that are so small? Are they just for use on the computer and not really meant to be printed? I do not have a printer at the moment to experiment with. Anything will help! Thanks!