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Rims on truck idea


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I have a request to view some wheels on my new truck. The wheels I am looking at are attached (coys). I would like to see them on the trucks attached with various color combinations to match the truck such as. The key piece is the center caps, I am trying to add an old ford center cap to these wheels.

I would like to see the wheels color matched to the truck in different color combinations. I have attached a wheel that is what I am looking for, Its the orange-ish chevy one. I am looking to do that but with ford.

1. wheel painted to match with chrome center cap
2. wheel painted to match with center cap and chrome trim ring (coys)
3. All black wheel with chrome center cap
4. all black wheel with painted to match grey center cap

and any other combinations your creative mind can come up with.

Thank you very much for your service!! Wish I had these skills


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