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I am starting from 0. My goals are to become proficient at manipulating internet sports images(like PhotoshopSteve) and also work the photos I take at Crossfit type events/deployment. I need to know what to buy both hardware and software. I am possibly deploying soon with the army so internet connectivity will be intermittent but my free time to learn and work on stuff will be immense. The basics question is if you knew someone that was going to an island where they would have large amounts of free time, boredom and suspect internet which version of photoshop and what computer would you tell them to get. ?

A lot depends on how much you have to spend and whether you want a Laptop or Desktop PC, I would assume Laptop considering you're going to be traveling.
With the Creative Cloud application Photoshop needs to call home once a month if you're on the monthly package and every 2 or 3 months for the annual package, so you will need internet access at some point
You could check out the Adobe Photography Plan

There's also Photoshop Elements

And Affinity Photo

PC info here

Laptop info here
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