Illustrator Rounded Corners

Hi guys

So i am trying to get a rounded corner effect like this YouTuber did, i have asked how he did it but his not replying. round corner.jpg
i am talking about the rounded box around where it says "YouTuber" and "Dreaming to...", as what he said is click on the corners of the box and the live corners should come up, (The little circles) so you can bend the line to make a curve, but when i click on it, its just showing the line. I feel like i should be connecting the line to the big circle.

he is the link to the video on YouTube

Using Illustrator CC

hope someone can help

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Hi and welcome to PSG

If you look at the tutorial about 17:58 minutes into the video you need to go to Object, Expand and do that twice and select the Direct Selection Tool and you should see the live corners

image one.jpg


Line Segment before you expand


and after you expand

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Thank you Gedstar it worked! I really should of listened to the tutorial better! I have just started out on illustrator so I'm learning, thank you for taking the time out to watch the video better then i did.
I guess it also didn't help that i wasn't copying exactly the same image as in the video and was probably why i was still having issues with the expand appearance being grey out, so i had to use the charcoal paint brush to draw a squiggly line next to my image then select everything and then it let me click on expand appearance, would you know why this happened? as i am learning it would be good to know.
Many Thanks again
Thanks Gedstar that's the link i found too! maybe it has something to do with if the image is complex, i dont know, hopefully i will work it out one day :)