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Specific Schrödinger's pub

Hello there, dear photoshop gurus.
I'd like to make a request (apparently), concerning the cover picture of a scientific Facebook group I run, by the name Schrödinger's pub. As is probably expected, my goal is to have Schrödinger photoshopped in a pub.
Lacking Photoshop skills, I've made my own modest attempts using MS paint, a process painstaking as well as fruitless for the most part. Even though I've created a satisfactory image, it still doesn't match what Photoshop can achieve. That's why I would like you, if you would be so kind, to Photoshop this sweet guy here:
Over this fabulous guy here:
I cite below my own Paint creation to give an idea of what I have in mind. The missing part of the arm I recreated pixel by pixel, though I reckon Photoshop has easier methods for one to implement. Please ignore the right side part.
It should be noted that one issue I have with the picture below is its quality. Facebook's PC cover image size is large enough to discern individual pixels being messy at some spots. I reckon it's because of my inability to mix the images together well using Paint.
Here's my attempt. The portrait of Schrodinger is fairly de-saturated and grainy, so in order to match subject to background I de-saturated the image of the bar and added film grain. Also, in your attempt you cut off the bottom of the man's body to line up with the back counter, rather than the front, so it looks like he's floating in air.