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Selecting Hair When Selecting a Body

Hey Gurus,

I was wondering if I could have some advice regarding hair. Whenever I am selecting a person's body, I am never able to select the hair correctly. It either chooses too much background, not enough hair, etc. What are your suggestions on how to be able to select the hair? Any tips with erasing background, or adding stray hair to make it look more 3d?

Thank you so much! Happy editing!



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Selecting hair is really difficult mostly when the background isn't contrasting. However I learned so much from this video
. And if you don't have a clean background, you do what you can with the tools shown in the video and you can add some strands of hair with the pen tool or the brush tool (in mask mode) like in this video
to make it more realistic. That's the easiest way for me to get a good "haircut" even tho it can sometimes take a lot of time.

Good luck