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Specific Selfie problem..

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Hello everyone. I know you guys sick and tired of hear this but, ''sorry for my bad English'' :)

In the last days i did take an selfie. But i want that its not look like a selfie.

So, can you remove my right arm nicely? Then can you edit the green door?

Hopefully it will be realistic. Cause its important.

Here is the photo.


I think he means to quit the door, instead changing the color, but i could be wrong.
Do you find this realistic? If not, request for further changes. Colour of the gate is changed to Brownish.
Where is this pic taken?
I think he means to quit the door, instead changing the color, but i could be wrong.
Hahaha, its almost awesome! But there is a 2 problem. In appearance you get me wrong because of my English.

1) Actually i didn't mean anything about gate colours. I mean that after you remove my arm, don't forget the rear/behind (i dont know which one is it the correct word) gate. That was a little bit babble talk. Because you are confused. And after you remove my arm, already you was gonna fix the gate.

2) Second problem: Im looking a too weak. I dont want the disrespect because you did spend to much effort on this photo. Sorry but its not too much realistic :/

By the way this photo taken in Van. Van is the easternmost of Turkey. I was livining in Istanbul 21 year. This year i came here :/ Even so Van is not bad. Cause even here not looking like Middle East. So much urbanization is here. And day by day its developing. And that house is a residual after 2011's earthquake.

Removed the gate and added some other mis items.
Actually, this is awesome. Because i want that this photo looking like ghetto photos. Cause I love the ghetto theme photos. But as i said, im looking a too weak. Especially my right arm! And its make the unrealistic this photo.
First of all, these works are very professional.

But when i said ''i love ghetto theme'', i didnt mean that i want to look like gangstas, thugs. I love deserted ghost buildings and i love taking photos in like these places. Thats what i meant. So @polarwoc my new sweater is cool but its not necessary mate :D Because its not realistic. Even so thank you and actually thanks for everyone. I dont want that you guys deal with it more. But its my last request:

Forget these ghetto and gate. Forget everything.

Actually @polarwoc 's first work was very good. But as additional i just want that my right arm will be slightly wide/big. Because in above photos im looking like hunchback. So dont get me wrong @IamSam , i dont want to look like muscular mate. And @o.robles , it was a good idea but dont put me on centre please. It will be a unrealistic. By the way would you want to example about my right arm? Thats my other photos. Maybe these photos will give some ideas.

As you can see, im looking a little bit wide because of my cardigan.



@polarwoc I guess the problem is my English. Because still some conflicts here. Cause i tried telling that i dont want to new jacket. Because it makes the unrealistic this photo. I know you spend too much effort on my requests but can you send me this without new jacket? And i will be so appreciated if you not use the resizing effects. Because i dont wanna be so close to camera like last photo. It will be a very good if my closeness and head angle is be a normal.
Thanks for reposing faith in me and requesting, but I politely refuse to work on this file anymore. Hopefully, someone else will.
Meanwhile, as you wait please go to this awesome poll and cast your vote on whatever entry you like best.
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