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Hi DataXIII, in my opinion, and without knowing what is for... to me it's confusing and a little bit chaotic,

First, the opacity on images in the background its usually used so the images don't compete with each other, but in this case, the big face is what catches the eye first,,

The image with the beach is minimalist and calm, the big face is chaotic with all the hair and reflection on the glasses that don't help either.

I would not use shadows on the text in the sky.

Hope it's all understandable with my English XD

Best Regards,


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Hello and welcome to the forum.

An image must stand on it's own. There should be no guessing as to it's message.

I'm not sure if this was meant to be like a movie poster????

As far as the execution of the effects, this looks great. Good job!

I have to agree with David here, I feel that the two images of the woman/women do not belong together. A woman with straight hair in seemingly despair on a bright sandy beach in contrast with the other woman with curly hair who seems happy and vibrant with trees being reflected in her sun shades (glasses). Not to mention the compositional size disparity between the two.

Also, too much empty space and the image is too large. I have to scroll to see the image from top to bottom. (or download it) No need for a white border unless you were going for a poster effect.

Like David, my eye's are immediately drawn to the larger woman's face. She could be a flower as the title might suggest. But then we have the confusion of the other woman on the beach. I'm left guessing where she fits into the imagery. If this were the same woman it may make more sense, but obviously this is not the same woman and in a different setting, who is she and why is she in this image? Why is she holding her face? Is she crying? Who knows? I have to ask myself, would this composition be better without the woman on the beach? Yes. Too many questions left unanswered. If there were more faded images of the two women together, I could probably deduce that there might have been a "flowering" romance or something.

I also agree that you should leave off the drop shadow from the title text.

Overall, it's great execution with questionable composition. An image should stand on it's own.