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Sharpening the outlining & Vector?


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Hi there,

I made a little logo awhile ago. I'm by no means a designer but we did need something for on our receipts (beach club). Recently we have donated a pretty big amount of money to a charity and they asked if we wanted them to sponsor us. They needed an .eps or vector file. I don't have the project anymore but I only had a .png left of the image. The quality is rather bad but it was used to be on a very small receipt paper so it didn't matter.

Here is the logo:sprok-beach.png

So I was wondering if anyone could possibly fix up the outlining a little bit to make it a bit more HQ, and if it's possible to make a vector file out of this. Even if the quality will be terrible, I'd still need it in vector format because they need it by tomorrow.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: The logo is meant to be a bit vintage so the white dots and stuff are supposed to be in there.