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Paid Simple Logo Design Needed for Educational Non-profit: Paying $20

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I'm looking for a nice, clean logo design for an education-related non-profit I'll be launching this summer. The name of the organization is VIDAL College Access. Vida was my grandmother's name, so I'm paying homage to her; in addition, the "AL" is in reference to Alabama, which is my home state and the state where I'll be launching the non-profit. Another cool tie-in for our name is that me and my fiancee are named Lance and Anna (A + L).

Description for Logo:
I'm pretty open to some creative liberty, but I'm also very much OK with something clean, direct, and simple. I don't think I would care very much for an icon sort of logo (after all, can this world handle any more books, owls, graduation caps, and other cliche educational logos?), but I'm open to any ideas you may have.

In playing around with some free online logo makers and looking around through Google Images, I'd be cool with something like this or this. Alternatively, something that just says VIDAL, like this, could also be cool since we'll brand ourselves as VIDAL.

Starting at $20 since we're not looking for something too fancy. If things change, I could up this a little bit. Willing to pay through PayPal or Venmo.

Within the next week or so would be great. Definitely want to have something finalized by early July.

I'd prefer to be PM'd any logo designs. Feel free to post in the thread if you've PM'd me, but I'd like to keep the logo under wraps until it's finalized and ready to go on our site.
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