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Specific Simple Photoshop request (logo)

Hey there,

I have a simple Photoshop request, I would appreciate someones help.

I’m making a logo and I already have my template complete. I have an image of a heart that I would like to insert into the middle of the logo template. I would specifically like the heart image to be placed into the center of the circle -in between the two rose bushes on either side.

Attached are the two images, 1. Is the logo template and 2. Is the heart I would like inserted.

I’m having trouble and thought I would seek help.

Hope someone can help, thanks.


That's great! Thank you so much Eggy!

I wasn't expecting such a quick response, i'm very pleased.

I will recommend this website to friends. Thank you again.
Hey guys,

I'm just looking at the logo now and as pleased as I am, would anyone be able to give the heart a "darker" black outline so its more prominent?

From a distance, the heart is not as clear to pick out.

Could anyone do a quick darker outline of the heart? Sorry to be a pain.

I would appreciate someones help. Thank you.