Skin Color Correction -How do I correct From Blue to Natural?

Try the following

  • Create a layer above your image
  • Make sure you have the brush tool selected and then hold down alt and click on part of the screen that has the colour cast (in this case the blue) this will set the foreground colour to the colour cast
  • On the new layer hold down alt and click on delete - this will fill the new layer with the colour cast
  • Change the layer blend mode to colour
  • Now hold down ctrl and I - this will give you the exact opposite colour on the layer
  • Now just adjust the opacity of the layer until the colour cast disappears.

Hope that works for you. This is what I ended up with.



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If you want to re-introduce any of the original colours (EG the scarf and / or the dress) just add a layer mask to the solid colour layer and paint back in the original colour. If you do it with a brush of a fairly low opacity you can build up the colour to your liking.