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Have you ever had this problem I have it only with this image. When I color match skin tones I get this strange result, I tried other images and the result is very good the problem is only with this image. I get the colors when I try different methods to change the skin tone.
I attached a skin sample.

Thank you


Hi PhotoshopNoob
You did not mention which approach(s) you tried.
What I did with your sample is:
Put several Color sampler points around the image and set the mode to observe the colors in Lab mode
Convert to 16 bit mode
Convert to Lab Color Mode
Use a Curves adjustment Layer and with the "a" channel of Lab, reduced the magnitude until the A values are about 1/2 the B values of the same point.

It is a judgement call on what looks right (best to have a color calibrated and profiled monitor)

When it looks right I convert back to sRGB from Lab mode and if desired from 16 bit mode back to 8 bit mode.

Hope this is helpful

John Wheeler

Image shows original colors on left and adjusted colors on right.


Thank you for the response.
I created an average of the skin tone using Blur Average and the using Curves I adjusted the RGB values separately to match a different skin tone
I tried different skin tones but it either exits blue or green in the end.
In the end I get a blue tint and depending on the new skin tone is faded or very pronounced.
I use the Pantone skin reference not a picture that haves different lighting.
I used this tutorial
and if i download a different image from the net and use the tutorial it works very well, I don;t get that blueish/greenish color

Thank you



Skin Tone 1.png

Skin Tone 2.png
Hi Photoshopnoob
I have reviewed the tutorial and in general it should work yet there are a variety of places where issues could occur.

For the one example you have provided in your first post where you were having trouble, there is insufficient information to guide you on what to do different since the approach in the tutorial has quite a number of steps.

One thing that I did notice (though it may not be your issue) is that the images posted here are in multiple color spaces. In particular you are using sRGB and AdobeRGB. The color numbers in each of those color spaces are different for the same color you view. So that is just one example of where there could be a mismatch.

I suggest taken the exact steps with your problem image with the sample you are trying to match with step by step screen shots and see if we can narrow the issue down. However, make sure you are using sRGB. Note that the RGB numbers provided by Pantone are only valid in sRGB.

And as an aside, the images had Pantone numbers associated with the images as well as RGB numbers in others. That was a bit confusing and have no clue if those are meaningful numbers for the discussion or were just part of copy and pastes from the images you were from which to create matches.

So I am a bit confused and a step by step description and providing your source images and match images might help.

Note that there are a large number of ways to match skin colors and the tutorial is just one so not all forum members may use that approach.

John Wheeler

I made it work.
All of the images ( my skin and the reference images - not the Pantone ones that were examples ) where sRBG so they had the same profile, but what i needed to do was change in Photoshop the profiles from sRBG to Adobe RBG.

Thank you for all the help I wouldn't not thought to look at sRBGs and Adobe RBGs without your help.

Have a nice day