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Smart objects and perspective crop?


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Hi, so i am new here and to photoshop. I have been searching for the right tutorial for my problem, but i can't find it anywhere.
I saw one guy doing this, but he did it so fast that i couldn't grasp the information. For him it was easy game.
Where should i start... I am trying to put some objects on the back on the surface with perspective tool so that would fit and look nicely. All i remember, that guy linked a smart object with that surface somehow and when he changed the design in that square, it was changing on the surface too. I can't figure it out how he linked those two. He was just using 2-up window, changing objects and they were fitted nicely as they should be.
I will add some screenshot so that You, guys, could understand what i am getting at. I hope it helps.

It would really help me if someone could teach me this. Thanks.

Sincerely, John.



One way is to 'Place Embed' the logo into the laptop image.

First of all you need 2 psd files, one of the laptop, one of the logo (WITH transparency). By that I mean you need to save each as a psd file...so laptop.psd and logo.psd...for example.

Then use File > Place Linked in the laptop document.....select the Logo.psd file....it will be placed into the laptop.psd document on its own layer and as a smart object.

Accept the smart object (click the tick at the top of the UI) and then...
Save the laptop.psd file.

Now....with both psd files open as you have them in your image use Edit > Transform > perspective in the logo.psd file to adjust the logo......

....now the clever bit....

Accept the 'perspective' change then SAVE the logo.psd file......you'll see the image in the laptop.psd file update to reflect those changes.


My example shows it vertically so you can see the direct relationship between the two images.

As you are using 'perspective' transform on a 'smart object' you can play around with it as much as you like and not lose quality.

Using the shortcut Ctrl + S to save the file after each change probably accounts for the speed at which you saw it being done....and I'd recommend doing that too as the only way to update the 'laptop' image is to save the 'logo' image each time.

Also, it would be a good idea to save the 'logo' twice...use one for editing and one as a backup in case it all goes wrong....you can always make a copy of it and use the copy, keeping the original to copy from.

See if that works for you.

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