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Some of My More Recent Projects...


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I'm no expert in Photoshop by any means; its mostly a carefree pastime for me. But I've been learning a lot over the past few years about paths and custom shapes, which works really well when you want to re-create a logo or something similar in a bigger size, and can't find what your after online. So with that in mind, here's just a few of my examples - I hope you like them. :)

P.S. Don't let the weird previews fool you - the full-size logos are much better. I have no idea why the host site renders the smaller ones that way.

SI01NhsZ_t.jpg wdTXRgEL_t.jpg dtV2M0ZV_t.jpg 1vZD9mFc_t.jpg GICWwHS4_t.jpg PdaEFNKy_t.jpg djBF0cSY_t.jpg Eek9UHj7_t.jpg Rc5QHpvB_t.jpg u5DG2Tt3_t.jpg 0KomRkR9_t.jpg 1x6smRjZ_t.jpg
Thanks for sharing! Great reproductions!

I have no idea why the host site renders the smaller ones that way
PSG renders the images exactly as they appear.

Your sample images are far too small and pixelated! This is only 300px x 300px.........................it is what it is. If you want your images better represented, then upload larger high res images.
You should always work in the largest format possible.............you can always make them smaller. It's hard to make them larger.
Screen Shot 2024-02-19 at 3.03.42 PM.png
Hmm...that is very odd. Usually, when I include the links to the host site I use, you can click them and the full-size ones will pop up in a new window. Let me shrink some of my bigger ones down so PSG can manage them, and I'll update the original post.
Aside from logos, I actually started tinkering with Photoshop when I was trying to make customized cover artwork, for my DVD collection. One of my first successful and completed attempts was for the Back to the Future trilogy, and to this day I'm pretty satisfied with them, even though I don't have the DVDs anymore. I also lost my original PSD files for them, and whether it was due to a computer crash or erasing them to save space, I honestly don't remember. Either way, these are all that remain - I had to grab them from a website I'd originally submitted them to years ago, just to have any copies left. What do you all think?



Here's a few more sets of DVD covers I did in years past - I'm still pretty proud of them overall. The ones for "Roswell" were deliberately patterned after the original DVD releases from 2004 (the studio later redesigned them, to capitalize on Katherine Heigl's star status). I didn't use any scanned material for them; someone had already posted textless versions of the retail artwork online. But I still had to rebuild all three covers from the ground up, relying on various measurements and all kinds of research to make them match the originals as closely as possible. I took some license with the spines, but that's pretty much it.

As for the rest, all of them were custom-designed by me. I'm a big fan of what George Lucas did with Star Wars (the Disney sequels sucked), and I think Drew Struzan is one of the greatest poster artists in the business (I was sorry to hear he had retired). The covers for the original Spider-Man trilogy are custom jobs too, though I don't really remember where I got the idea for the "open door" motifs. Anyway, all the covers should attach just fine here at full resolution, so feel free to save and use them if you like!

Roswell - Season 1 Rebuild (Custom Spine).jpg

Roswell - Season 2 Rebuild (Custom Spine).jpg

Roswell - Season 3 Rebuild (Custom Spine).jpg

Star Wars - Episode 1 - Drew Struzan (Custom DVD).jpg

Star Wars - Episode 2 - Drew Struzan (Custom DVD).jpg

Star Wars - Episode 3 - Drew Struzan (Custom DVD).jpg

Star Wars - Episode 4 - Drew Struzan (Custom DVD).jpg

Star Wars - Episode 5 - Drew Struzan (Custom DVD).jpg

Star Wars - Episode 6 - Drew Struzan (Custom DVD).jpg

Spider-Man - 2002 (Custom DVD).jpg

Spider-Man 2 - 2004 (Custom DVD).jpg

Spider-Man 3 - 2007 (Custom DVD).jpg
Unlike my older red Spider-Man covers, which were done for the DVDs that came out 15 years ago, these black designs were done for the Blu-Rays. I decided to keep things more minimal this time around, leaving out the photos in favor of the summaries and posters. I made three covers for each style, depending on the width of your case spine, but since attaching them all would be a little repetitive, I'll just include the Viva Elite versions here.

Spider-Man Collection - Style #1 - Blu-Ray (Viva 3-Disc).jpg

Spider-Man Collection - Style #2 - Blu-Ray (Viva 3-Disc).jpg
OK, so I spent more than half of yesterday and all of today, rebuilding these DVD covers for "Smallville". Thankfully, someone else had already done the back panels, and for the most part they were in pretty good shape. But I had to rebuild all the front panels and the spines myself, from the ground up. The hardest part was matching the spines to the color and overall pattern of the backs. That took a LOT of trial and error on my part. The fronts were no easy task either, but thankfully I already had the textless DVD artwork and I knew which fonts to use. So as a whole, this whole project was one big pain in the butt. I'm glad its over with, at least for the moment. I hope you like the results!

Smallville - Season 1 - Retail Rebuild (DVD).jpg

Smallville - Season 2 - Retail Rebuild (DVD).jpg

Smallville - Season 3 - Retail Rebuild (DVD).jpg

Smallville - Season 4 - Retail Rebuild (DVD).jpg

Smallville - Season 5 - Retail Rebuild (DVD).jpg

Smallville - Season 6 - Retail Rebuild (DVD).jpg

Smallville - Season 7 - Retail Rebuild (DVD).jpg

Smallville - Season 8 - Retail Rebuild (DVD).jpg

Smallville - Season 9 - Retail Rebuild (DVD).jpg

Smallville - Season 10 - Retail Rebuild #1 (DVD).jpg

Smallville - Season 10 - Retail Rebuild #2 (DVD).jpg
Given my recent "re-obsession" with all things Smallville, I decided to redraft the show's iconic logo into a more weathered or damaged version. I started with an SVG file I found online, converted it into a Photoshop shape, and then started experimenting with different types of other paths to get the desired result. Personally, I think it turned out pretty well. The preview here is only for illustrative purposes; let me know if you want me to do some larger logos for you. God Bless!

Smallville Weathered Logo - 5,000 pixels.png