Sorry been Awol

Ok several people have been messaging me etc I have just been away a lot with work and future work opportunities.

I have accidentally deleted a lot of my messages in my inbox before I had chance to get back to any of you so I apologise in the delay and if any of you still want to ask me something or just to say hi please resend the message and I will respond.

So how is everyone Did I miss anything big??? are we all getting along and playing nice.

Who has seen the new Batman film I havent yet waiting on some good reviews from people not the ones who are paid to write good reviews.


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Hey Hoog! i was wondering where you had got to, but i didn't want to PM you incase i just missed your posts. missed you though ;)

nothing too huge no i wouldn't say so anyway, haven't been following much.

I haven't seen the Dark night Rises, but loads of my friends are saying it's a must-see
Batman movie was great. If you have seen the previous movies in the trilogy it's even better, but I would recommend seeing it even if you haven't. 5 thumbs up! :cheesygrin:
I have seen the new Spiderman film, and when I was the bar manager of The wine Vaults in Ruthin, North Wales, I served
Rhys Ifans who plays the lazard, and his brother that he was in Twin Town with. He came in quite regular for a pint, as his parents live just over a hill, but I saw more of Elton John's half brother Jeff Dwight a lot more often. It wasn't as good as what I had hoped for unfortunately.

As for Batman, I am yet to make the effort to go to the cinema, though as for Spiderman, I have great expectations for the quality of the film.

Just get irritated by the people who without mannors, attempting to converse with anyone, or describing how they want an image to look, request a logo like- "I have a website, I need a logo".