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Specific Space Jam Rework

Hi there! I'm looking to have this Space Jam logo reworked to say "Michigan Staff". I don't need to have the same exact font or all the details that this picture has, just similar looking! It's going on a shirt a few of my old coworkers asked me to design and I'm just a SUPER beginner! I don't even have photoshop yet lol. The shirt is also going to be royal blue and is allowed just 2 colors for the lettering, so if we could make the rings white and the writing yellow that would be best!! If anyone can do this I'd be super super appreciative!!! :)
Space Jam.jpg
Oh that's awesome thank you!! I think the only thing is I'd like the letters to be a little further apart - especially in the staff! This was my really bad attempt lol but I like your rings and shadow effect, just the distance of the letters like mine I'd say :)

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 3.00.17 PM.png