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Started as an abstract, ended up figurative

Hello all,

After finishing this one I felt a bit like Wallender's dad and his trees.

Mine always end up with a figure, can't seem to get away from it. I always think that an image looks incomplete without one. Bit daft I know but then most of us can't help what we do. I find the best thing is to just do it and not think about it all.

Such is life.


Ohh! And it's also my AV just happened to find it, good ole XNView
Hello Argos,

Thanks for the nice comment good of you.
I wasn't entirely sure about the noise sometimes when an image that contains rock does look very grainy as I reduce it in size, I thought it might just be that. Pguru.jpg

I then found the PSD with the layers and yes you are quite right I did use some coloured noise. This was the abstract that I started with, I'd duplicated the first plain image and added the noise to see if the effect worked for me or not.

Cheers and thanks for the question.
Thanks for the response I only ask because it's rare to see someone using the colored noise unless is for recreation and I was curious XD.
Hello Argos,

Your right about the rarity, I often try some noise in an image but 99/100 reject it. What I liked about it in this instance is the way it fuzzed and broke up the sharp outlines of segments, which became even fuzzier when I added the stone wall and the rock face.

Cheers and thanks for you observations.