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Hi, guys!

Here is some POF: proof of concept, as it were, from one of my recent projects. I's not a final result, I can't post it here:cheesygrin:. But it's just some quick way to illustrate the way to use Layer Styles somewhat creatively.

Here blood is supposed to be gathering volume and welling as it streaks down.

It's all about Layer Styles:

As you can see blood stain is inside the Smart Object. One instance is placed under and another one is put above. The one above is added Layer Styles namely Bevel, Shadows and other ones, but with the gradient mask applied.

This way Layer Styles change there effect smoothly, according to layer mask: Bevel grows it's depth downwards, etc.

And the Blood stain itself stays editable as a Smart Object. It can be tweaked any way you like. The same goes for Layer Styles options and the mask. Levels on mask can be used to fine tune the final view:cheesygrin:

May be someone can use this trick in their project as well:cheesygrin:

Davin Salo

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Very nice, I like the use of effects being graded. Can't think of many other applications I'd use it for, but I like it for the purpose you preview here.