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I need help good people.Upfront apologize for my bad english.My son is fighting with cancer,chemoterapy,restrictions and all that comes with that...and he is only 7yrs old.He has a really bad and fast one.Burkitts lymphoma.I am playing on pitty card here but what a hell.I dont choose way for anything throughout this fight.He is a real fan of every superhero movie.Favourite one Deadpool duhh.If anyone could make something like wallpaper or anything similar with him to be as one of them or anywhere in the picture i would be much greatfull.It would make a world to him.His smile is precious to us and I hope someone will manage to do it.Dont know if this is the right category for this so please forgive me my ignorance.Ill try to put couple of photos of him.Thank you so much and best wishes to all of you. IMG-20190428-WA0012.jpg