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T-Shirt edit for Shopping website


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Hey guys , wassup and how u all been ? I miss u all , i really do :D .

check this below image out .


basically its for a small ecommerce website , the thing is , it looks too dull and what i'd really like is to make it look a bit professional and bright . I did't try anything much , except adjust the levels , but if somebody can suggest me a few tricks , i can go try it in photoshop .

Please don't make edits on this picture , as i'd prefer just suggestions , if i do have further difficulty i'll come back and ask here .

Thank you.



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First and foremost - either photograph the shirt on a mannequin or laid out flat on a black or white flat surface (upright or standing). Hung with a hanger like that makes for an improper and unprofessional product presentation. If you plan to mask/isolate the shirt for editing purposes, use a Blue or green background in order to make easier mask selections in Photoshop. But of course, the background color is dependent on the shirt color. Don't use blue on a similarly blue shirt... lol .

The rest is just basic PS color correction and adjustment touchups dependent on the image(s) you have to work with. The goal is to liven up the shirt and design colors.

Tom Mann

BTW, when I suggested in my previous post that you should improve the lighting of the T-shirt, the attached image shows the sort of improvement that one can achieve using pro lighting, instead of passively accepting whatever lighting happens to be there.

As an example, just this past weekend, I was covering a panel discussion here in DC, and took this shot of an imam. Look at the texture in his sweater. I used four strobes to light him, three off camera, and one very weak on-camera strobe to put catchlights in his eyes. Other than a minor correction for white balance, and another very slight correction to make the brightness of this image match the brightness of the other images in the series, this shot is almost straight out of the camera.

Unfortunately, when I took this shot, it never occurred to me that for teaching purposes, I should take another shot using only only available. ambient light, or only one on-camera flash. However, I can assure you that if I had done so, the texture of his sweater would be almost invisible, much like the texture of the cloth in your T-shirt shot.

Tom M