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Scripting Text watermark script for CS5 or better.

Paul MR

The Script Master
This script is for Photoshop CS5 or better!
It will NOT work on earlier versions!

Many people struggle with adding a text watermark or adding the documents filename.
Well here is a script that will help.
Once set up the text will look the same on any sized document!

You can add two line of text or if you enter docname into Line one the documents name will be used.
Most of the fields are self explanatory but the size field takes a bit of understanding,
it is a percentage of the shortest side of the document. So if you select 50 the text will be the same length
as half the shortest side.

Now how do you use it?
It is used by calling the script by an action. This means you can use this script via a droplet etc.
To create the action, start a new recording then from the Action Palette fly-out menu select "Insert Menu Item"
now File - Scripts and select WatermarkCS5 stop the recording. This action will now run the script.

Some bright sparks will now say, yes but I don't want the User Interface to appear each time I use it!
This is magic with Photoshop CS5 or better, the User Interface will not appear unless you hold down the shift key when you run the action/script/droplet.

To install the script download the zip file, unzip and you will have WaterMarkCS5.jsx
This needs to be placed into Photoshops application folders presets/scripts folder
once this has been done, if Photoshop was open, restart Photoshop so that it can pick the new script.



This script does not work on a modified image.

You must use it on a freshly loaded image. any modification to the image after it is loaded will crash the script

I am really :sad::sad::sad: because I have been looking for this for 3 years.

Sorry to say that this script is unstable.
If you modify the image before running the script, it crashes.
Been looking for this for 3 years, now that I finally find it it does not work properly.

Really sorry,