The Color Dynamics for my Brush Presets is Locked

the Color Dynamics for my Brush Presets is Locked, how do I unlock it so I can use COLOR for my paintbrush, right now it is only painting in white!!!!! GRRRRR.
I am having the same issue.

Tried resetting
Tried Loading different brushes (these are NOT separatly installed brushes)
The lock is disabled

HELP!!! Please! :)


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hold CTRl-ALT-SHIFT (sorry not familiar with mac to give you those options) when starting photoshop. This will clear your preferences.
ALso there should be a lock next to the text if its a closed lock click it.
Hi, I'm having a similar issue but the crtl + alt + shift thing doesn't seem to be working... I do it right when I click the photoshop icon, but nothing happens.

I've been working on this painting for hours and then just...suddenly the color dynamics were locked. Not the kind of locked that you can just click and unlock, but permanently faded. The transfer section only has one portion available to modify, but everything else is faded. Wuuuuuuut.

I appreciate the help C:


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Wouldn't you have to hold those keys down while PS is loading for that to work? I just looked at mine and Color Dynamics is locked but I don't have a problem as described above.
If you didn't get a dialogue box pop up and say something like, "Are you sure you want to reset preferences Yes/No" you didn't do it correctly