The Power of The Font

So, Just what is the Power of the Font.

We all know all too well how much of an impact different fonts can have on our work. They can make or break pieces of work, they can convey what our subject matter is as well as being part of our subject matter.

with this in mind, post your 2 favourite, most used fonts and share with others fonts that we may have not heard of until now.

Inspired by this thread by Tioga revealing what I think is a really cool font.

I fully understand that over use of a particular font in all our work would be unacceptable but we alll have favourites don't we.

Will start things off with my favourite 2:

All time #1 is:

28 Days Later


and a close #2 is:



What are your 2 most favourite fonts?
Two? I know you're kidding right? My favorite fonts change a lot. Course it depends on what it's for ... Used to be Bradley Hand and Lucida choices, but that was a w h i l e ago. So here are my current favorites, even though I may have used a couple only once or not at all ... yet.


Ha Ha, cheaper by the dozen!


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Just two? No way!

I probably over use this one too much.
Screen Shot 2012-11-12 at 10.31.46 PM.png

Surprisingly, this font is quite versatile and I use it often.
Screen Shot 2012-11-12 at 10.31.37 PM.png

This is one of my favorite grunge fonts. I usually make my own though. (usually from IMPACT)
Screen Shot 2012-11-12 at 10.31.28 PM.png

I have way too many fonts! I tend to add new fonts on just about every project.


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I dont like grunge fonts anymore. I always go for a clean font and if its for a grunge piece then I add the effects on myself.. Ive to many faviouritw fonts to name


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oh yeah fonts do magic when they r in the right place n by the right design , n thanx for sharing ur fonts here xD will download them 4 sure
There are a huge number that I would put into the category of practical, non-flashy, but HIGHLY useful fonts. I couldn't even begin to list them, but I would start with Ariel, Garamond and other old favorites. For serious work, it's critical to be able to modify these by kerning, spacing, drop caps, etc.

Another big category are the ornate scripts. I tend to pull these out for wedding work.

There are also lots of fun, decorative fonts, but, to be honest, I think of them more for kids and the scrapbooking crowd, especially the folks that put rows of flowers and pumpkins around pix or their kids and love the ransom note approach to graphical designs. ;-) See attached for an example of one of these fonts.

Personally, I don't get much call for grunge fonts, but when I do, I usually just make up something that goes with the rest of the design, e.g., fill an outline font with a texture.

To keep track of all my fonts, I use a program called AMP font viewer.

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