The Unofficial - but Nevertheless Worthy - PSG Medal of Honor

Please PM me when you think one of your fellow members is deserving of recognition and provide a link for their post (right click on the number of the post). I want to be sure to give our medal of honor to those I don't catch being worthy! Thank you, Clare

2012 Challenge Winner Awards are in post #3

Service Recognition Medals are in post #4

(be the first on your block to get one :devilish: )


I designed this medal originally to honor dv8-fx for his Photoshop Gurus Forum Tenth Anniversary. WOW. Dv8 is not only an honorable, easy-going optimist, but he is an artist and a helpful member and moderator. And . . . if any spam bot slips by the Spam-O-Matic, it doesn't get by dv8_fx!

I'd also like to recognize my other co-mod who has been too busy to be here much lately, but who has been of great help to many on the forum, designing free logos or helping others design their own, giving expert help with 3 and 4D programs and projects, giving tech assistance, setting up PSG's Facebook, making video tutorials. The list goes on. Thank you Hoogle.


And of course our admin Steve, who keeps the ball up in the air while we devise new ways to color it, change the background, make it disappear with content aware, adjust the exposure, put a little light flare on it, and add a drop shadow. And he keeps the kids playing by the rules (such as he can; you know how kids are). Thanks Steve.


I will give these medals out for the 2012 PSG Challenge Winners (post #3) and for members caught going above and beyond (post #4). I realize that this applies to a lot of you who have a history of helping out and I haven't made one for you yet. But I'm starting from today and you'll surely see your name here soon!
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Challenge One: Create an Android, Winner fatboy73


Challenge Two: Frankenstein's Monster Mashup, Winner Paul


Challenge Three: Create a Banksy Wall, Winner inkpad.t


Challenge Four: OOB manipulation, Out of Bounds: Winners Remote-Medic and Still-learning

PSG_Medal_RMwinner.jpg PSG_Medal_SL.jpg

Challenge 5: Quarantine Poster design and integration, Winner INKZ


Challenge 6: Emotional Manipulation, 2 winners: Chitkaran & inkpad.t

PSG_Chal6_Chitkaran.png PSG_Challenge_inkpad.png

And now for our Special
Winter Holiday 2012 Postcard Challenge Winners

(the challenge)

First Place: IamSam


Second Place: Jessicayla


Third Place: Remote-Medic (AKA the Beast)



And I would be remiss to leave out this very special recognition to Mark, theKeeper, who chose our Winter Holiday Winners!

Mark theKeeper:


It would have been better to call Challenge 7 number one of the New year maybe, but I guess we can still keep the numbering sequential. What's a date anyway?

Challenge 7: Parental Love and Affection, egosbar


Valentine Cupid v2.0 Special Holiday Challenge created by IamSam.

Cindy Grundsten made such a nice scroll award for the winners that I am going to post that instead of making PSG medals. Smoke and chitkaran, if you want a medal posted as well, let me know. I am glad to do that. Here is the award:

To Our Celebrity Judge, Cindy Grundsten, thanks for helping out and the scroll is beautiful!

Cindy Grundsten PSG_Medal_cindyG.png

Challenge 8: Hard work, MikeMc


Springtime Special Holiday Challenge


To our Celebrity Judge Inkz, thank you for your service and the beautiful winner's medal you made!

INKZ: Inkz.png

Challenge 9: transportation, crzykate

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PSG Above & Beyond: service to members and others

Thank you!

November 15, 2012 (at least in my corner of the world)

PSG_Medal_Rm.jpg PSG_Medal_iamsam.jpg
Remote-Medic and IamSam

R-M posted a thread for Operation Photo Rescue -- read about it here -- and now Fatboy73 has joined this volunteer effort. Congratulations to you both!

November 2012


Thanks Fatboy!

December 2012


Thank you Jessi for your work on Challenge 6, linking everyone to the images so it would be easier to vote! Here & here.

More 2012 Recognitions

Now that 2012 is over, I have been going through many of the posts to catch some of you up to some good! Kind of a daunting task, but I'm determined. You can help by informing on your colleagues to let me know who is deserving of recognition. I could certainly use some help!

It isn't hard to know where to start with this list, this member deserves a great big thanks IMO. We miss you for all you do on the PSG Forum and we miss your presence. I'm just glad you're still lurking out there and pop in now and then with your expertise and generosity, not to mention that sick Brit humour! You brought me into this mod thing and you tutored me (even before that), sharing openly just as you do with everyone here.

Hoogle: PSG_Medal_hoog.png

Can't overlook the man who has provided administrative excellence to this forum,

Steve: PSG_Medal_steve.png

And heck, while I'm gushing about my fellow moderators, I have to thank dv8_fx for everything he does for us; he is our Spam-O-Manic, who I swear catches more bots and spammers than our auto-spam-catcher. His contributions are numerous. His patience is epic (word of the month I think) and his optimism is contagious. And on a personal basis, he has made me a better person and a much better mod.

dv8: PSG_Medal_dv8.png

You may have only been on the forum a few months, but thanks for your technical viewpoint and information.

Tom Mann: PSG_Medal_TomMann.png

Your manipulations are inspiring and your willingness to help and give your opinions are valuable to all of us.

INKZ: PSG_Medal_INKZ2.png

To a special PSG Silly Trucker who is always willing to tell us what he thinks, even if it makes us run screaming, ROFL!

Paul: PSG_Medal_Paul.png

For your many "welcome, welcomes" to new members,

Dreamers: PSG_Medal_dream.png

Some of you I'd like to see more of, but you're important parts of the forum and an extremely helpful part of discussion and tutoring. It's always good to see you.

Dataflow: PSG_Medal_Dataflow.png Sprucemagoo: PSG_Medal_Chad.png

Colleague: PSG_Medal_cooeague.png Hawkeye:

And as for this next member, what can I say? It's good to see you again. Your peculiar, I mean idiosyncratic (male chau . . . NM) sense of humor in the Avatar Wars, and the advice you offer members is appreciated, I am sure.

iDad: PSG_Medal_iDad.png

Time to honor yet another PSG regular for great service to others with a very informative and easy to follow video:

smoke: PSG_Medal (2).png

Happy New Year. A new year of Medals of Honor. 2013!

Short of starting a new entry, I have added this special category, PSG Character of the Year. With no further ado, I present you . . . Paul. USA TV in the states, with their ads of how they have such characters, got nuttin' on you matey. So here is your dis-honorable honor, meant to tease you with greatest respect!

Did you members of PSG know that Paul started the challenges two years ago. He started with a superman challenge, lol. That was my first month on PSG. A little time later he started the successful series of 22 or was it 23 Challenges. Then he created a custom car pimping thread. I think that went through 7 challenges. Today, I am honored to say that I have restarted these challenges with our latest group of enthusiastic participants at PSG. I have to give credit to the guru who began it all . . . way back in the dark ages, lol. Thank you Paul, and congratulations on being a moderator. You deserve it and you are a boon to the members of this site.

Accept this honor (I think it's an honor?) in the manner in which it was intended!


BTW, if you can't read the wording, it says "dis'd with love!"

OK, this list is by no means complete, so get your entries to me via PM.

Thanks to you all who participate in the forum in discussions, freebies, tutorials, critiques, welcomes, and a big etc.

Our newest and very deserving member. Rufinatti has been helpful to membes on many occasions and has made 2 video tutorials (to my knowledge if not more).


Zeealex, welcome back to the forum. Your Free and Cheap alternatives to Photoshop, a sticky thead, and your latest idea to make GIMP a new forum, which is under discussion, and all the other admirable things you have done on the forum, win you the "Worthy of" PSG Medal of Honor!

Zeealex: PSG_Medal_zeealex.png

Thank you SCTRWD. This of course is not the first time you have given valuable advice and tutelage to a member, but it is the time I realized that it is time to recognize that. Thank you.


February 2013

Thank you RTContent for your help > here <

RTContent: PSG_Medal_RTC.png

April 20123

Thank you Kate for your valuable tutorials in answer to member requests. Like others on the forum, you often go above and beyond!

crzykate: Kate_Service.png
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[h=2]The Unofficial - but Nevertheless Worthy - PSG Medal of Honor[/h]
Please PM me when you think one of your fellow members is deserving of recognition and provide a link for their post (right click on the number of the post). I want to be sure to give our medal of honor to those I don't catch being worthy! Thank you, Clare

2012 Challenge Winner Awards are in post #3

Service Recognition Medals are in post #4

(be the first on your block to get one :devilish: )
Be sure to check posts 3 & 4 for our latest 2012 winners of the PSG Medal of Recognition! And let me know if there's anyone I'm missing (as there surely is). PM me with the name (even if it's yourself -- no one else will know :devilish: ). Thanks a bunch, Aunty Clare