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TIE POLL Challenge#67: Blending

TIE POLL Challenge #67: Blending

  • chrisdesign

    Votes: 7 63.6%
  • King_Creations

    Votes: 4 36.4%

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Thanks to everyone who posted an image here. Each of them is a great job with a lot of work involved.
And thanks to all of you who voted for me. I greatly enjoyed this challenge.
Regards Chris.
Awesome work, @chrisdesign I love your attention to detail. The Coke can added realism to the scene. Seeing a faint shadow to the can as well was a gem.

Excellent work @King_Creations Nice touch to add a Black and White Dog with the Red leash. Only thing I would have additionally expected is shadows to the man's legs considering the bright sun light is hitting the leg.