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Timeline Clips

Cousin Vinnie

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Greetings, Earthlings!
I'm having problems moving clips around in the Timeline. There are many ways to do this – drag and drop the clip, move layers around, etc. Whichever way you take, moving a clip is often like hitting the other clips like bowling pins. If you lock those layers, the clips can still move. I have a project up that is now 120 layers and about 20 Video groups. I've surrendered to making a new layer for each new clip so it doesn't disrupt the rest of the arrangement. But I'd rather not. I also leave clips in that I've replaced with other media and make them invisible so that layer doesn't collapse around the gap.

In a follow-up question – Is the added size of the .psd with so many extra or hidden layers lost when it's Rendered? The uncompressed 6 minute video is 200mb. Rendered from a tiff, it's 150mb.