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tips for web designing

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Hello guys Ali here ,
recently our class teacher give is assignment " Design website in photoshop " . For this i want you guys to give me some tips about webdesign and ideas .
Thanx in advance


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There are many aspects to web design, if you will be more specific we would be very happy to offer you tips and ideas on what you have so far. Please post/show us any progress you have made on your project.

Also note, that while we are an instructional and discussion forum, we are not here to do any work for you on projects we know or suspect to be school class assignments.
Hi there, To create a website you can refer the online template easily available on the internet where you can have different kinds of attractive websites.
I use to make mini site designs for friends.

Here are some examples.

2016-11-11 20_47_38-Start.jpg 2016-11-11 20_51_08-Start.jpg

Now these sites were design only for graphics for sites, Not the layout, but as you will see i used a basic layout with guides once i new what size i wanted the graphics to be,ie... the hight and width of the header and footer, then everything else work around that, these are not complete by the way but will give you an idea on where to start laying out your plan in Photoshop. The real Finnish ones had groups with the background, main layout, footer, header, bullets, text fields, testimonial box's, ones for sign up forms where the forms could be imported in to them, and each one of them had guides so the images could sliced and then exported from Photoshop, so on and so on . The example you have looks very basic, you could break it down in to boxes and just add pictures in , nav bar's exct. , I only posted this on the assumption you have been ask to just produce a graphical image of a web site design layout.

2016-11-11 20_53_32-Start.jpg 2016-11-11 20_59_34-.jpg
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