Tips on web design :

I am new in the web design field. please can anyone give me some important tips on web design.So that my website will look good.........
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Well, I would most likely start learning HTML/XHTML. A good place to start would be W3 SCHOOLS probably one of the best resource for beginners as well as experts.

They teach you step by step from the beginning. Start with HTML, then XHTML, then move on to CSS.

Or you could just work with Wordpress ;)
To expand on ticalico's post, one of the best tips I can offer you is to know your audience. When a website is designed, it is always determined what kind of people will be viewing the website. This also determines how the website is going to look in terms of aesthetics. Colors, color theory and psychology play a huge part in this part of the process. An example I can give you is of something I made over the weekend. I have a portfolio website which showcases the best of my work. On one of the child pages is a section for website templates. One of those templates is meant for a coffee shop somewhere in the world. The colors I used are brown with variations in tints and shades. Coffee is brown, so when a user visits a site like this, I want them to start thinking about coffee. Do you see where I'm going with this? I use colors that are related to the subject matter of the website I'm working on whether it's a real world project or something to be based on. Click on the little image thumbnails to be taken to the actual html based website template.
OK. That great to you that you create a website but there is a little bit problem that your website not to look so good. It depends on how you know about graphics and web designingSingapore Web Design Company. And how can you apply that designing on you own website. You can easily go to some website to find out proper way to develop your web-design and look so gorgeous.


Hi annarobert i am a web designer. i will give you some tips about web design. in this site has many kinds of data has web design related. you can visit this site. however thanks a lot for your intention. i prayer for you so that you will be success.
Ok Sabrina, what site are you talking about? Where is the link to the site you're talking about? How can he visit the site if he doesn't know the address? What intention are you thanking him for? I hope this is a bot that I'm talking to.


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The best tip I can give you is to learn HTML and CSS, it's a pain in the ass at first but it's worth it. I'd advise you to not use programs such as Dreamweaver if you really want to learn.

This is what me and my friend managed to create from just learning from .

It was our first website and i think it came out nice. .

Programs i do recomend is NotePad++ and Aptana.
dreamweaver is the key to sucess ;)
Dw is helpful as it streamlines many operations. But it really isn't a necessity to have. Although I use it myself and am quite happy with what it does, the key to success is knowledge of code. Code, the most basic of which is HTML and CSS, is what makes websites, NOT code editors. If you must use an application like Dw, try sticking to the code view side. In the long run, you will become a more proficient web designer. Study and follow the lessons on W3 schools, there is a vast library of explanations and tutorials on every CSS property to date. And if you're rebellious like me, don't pay any mind to BS like valid CSS code according to the W3C. The fact is that these CSS properties work in most current versions of all the major browsers.
Working with Wordpress is the easiest and simplest way to do it. But it also pays to study HTML/XHTML. Check out design sites to learn not just the technique but also the aesthetics of a good web design


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Wordpress at the beggining, or Joomla, being a much more customisable but still simple solution.
Dreamweaver is a professional tool, hard to learn and understand.

Also, keep the colors and text simple. Most of the pro websites are white: google, yahoo, facebook, corporation websites, etc. Don't use ten colors and ten font faces and sizes in a page. is one of the examples of lots of colours and excess of graphic elements.
I am new in the web design field. please can anyone give me some important tips on web design.So that my website will look good.........
Every webpage have it's own goal. Always design page as per your requirement. Just think that you are user and what you expect from the same page. Designing of website really plays good role to convert users into business.


I am a web designer and have created many non profit web design solutions successfully for my clients. I have come across many challenging situations across my projects and everytime w3 schools helped me to find the solutions. It provides online tutorials on all the internet technologies including html, css, java script, php etc.
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