Tool/Sliders in Adobe Bridge Raw all black....

Hoping to find the answer. I bought Photoshop CS5 from the internet but it seems when I convert my Raw files using Adobe Bridge the tool bars /sliders on the right are all black. If I didn't know Photoshop well (I work as a professional photographer) I would be in big strife! Can anyone help with an answer to bring the light back on the subject of this issue??
Should it be an update issue or have I somehow got a glitchey software issue?
Would love to hear anybody's thoughts on the matter...
Thanks ahead of time!!! Screen shot .jpg


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Hi there, where it says BASIC , to the right of that there is a drop down menu, click it and it will open up a drop down, click the reset camera raw defaults.
Unfortunately that still did not solve the problem. I had tried that and just did that again but it even has the black background even in the preference window. But thanks for the help


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I am sorry that did not help, maybe another member will be along with a more helpful reply.
I dont5 think cs5 has the colour scheme options but I do believe it has the black to white slider bars go to edit preferences and you should see them there

I found them but no that didn't help either! I even made it Red, Black and Blue!!! So that I could see where it made the difference!!! But sad face...nope still did not fix my problem!!!
Thanks anyway Hoogle
I shoot in RAW but I don't think that is what is affecting the black toolbars because they work, just can't see what they are. And occasionally they do show up at a point but then disappear again...
Would really love to know if this is a faulty software issue or just my program??


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Although I have not come across this issue before with windows and PS, I have to ask what OS are you using. Also is have you updated your version of your OS and your verision of PS.
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