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Topaz AI Gigapixel example

This post may need to be moved yet was not sure of the right forum so starting with the Forum described as the Lounge.

I recently aquired Topaz AI Gigapixel and have used it on a few upsizings and was pleased (yet not wowed). There was a job on the Paid forum which I bid for yet eventually turned down yet part of the process was converting a ~500 pixel height image to a ~3000 pixel image and see if how well the details would come out as part of that potential job (it was for a laser engraving).
I found the results for the particular image pretty amazing pushing through a 6X increase through Gigapixel and made a GIF animation below (hope that works or will update to side by side image).
Clearly Gigapixel had to guess at what to insert and in this case, I was impressed. Impressed enough to share what it can do in certain circumstance.
Its a two image GIF showing the original just scaled 6x using nearest neighbor rendering to show what Gigapixel had to work with and the second image is result after tuning in the settings.
Now I know Gigapixel is creating detail that was not there from is AI, yet it was the first time I felt that software actually achieved "ENHANCE IT" :)
John Wheeler

PS - I get no commissions from Topaz or anywhere else :)

Wow! looks pretty awesome, i think i'm going to have to test it myself. Thanks for the info!
What I have found is depends on the image and the settings. So it feels that it is pretty good most of the time, sometimes it gets it all wrong (distortions) and other times like above its "you've got to be kidding me" :).
They are sending updates on a pretty regular basis which I am hoping is just making it a little smarter for a wider range of images.
John Wheeler
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Super fast test using a portrait of 500x625pix and converting it to 3000x3759 (x6) without touching any configuration in any program. Looks pretty good!