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Trying my creative hand - feedback welcome


For those that know me, know I am left brained, so stronger on the technical side and more challenged on the creative side.
I have used PS for some time yet there are still lots of tools and techniques I have never used. So believe it or not I am taking an introduction to PS class through PSA to force me to go more step by step through a lot more PS tools in all the menus and enjoying the journey.

Each lesson requires submission of images based on your own starting image with detailed explanations of how you got your result (not included here).

So attached below is my initial image (an overexposed image I took many years ago - already cropped down) and the final version using a variety of tools (e.g. oil paint) and techniques (some I made up myself). I enjoyed the process so thought I would share one of the lesson results.
Posting mostly for fun yet thanks in advance for any feedback.
John Wheeler