Trying to save a image with transparent background

I have saved a image (as a BMP file) with a transparent background. I want to use this image as my wallpaper. However when I show this image on my desktop (as the wallpaper), the background shows as a white color. I was hoping that I will only see the image and the background will be transparent :(

I would liek to be able to see trough the clear or transparent areas of the image and show either a solid color or another image behind it.

Can someone please help me how to achieve the desired result. Thanks
Saving an Image with Transparent Background in Photoshop

You can only use certain types of picture with a transparent background, GIF, PNG for example. You can do it to a bitmap but it is a very complex. I would suggest trying another format.

To save a picture with a transparent background in Photoshop, make sure that the areas of the image that you want to be transparent are showing up as the default checkered background pattern when you view them in Photoshop. Either choose Save for Web and Devices, or Save As and then choose either .GIF, .PNG or .TIFF format and make sure to check the box that says include transparency, or in the case of the TIFF file it will save include Alpha Channel.