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Two graphics needing critique


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Hey folks I'm looking for someone with more insight in some graphics that I've done. Maybe give some advice as well as compare and contrast my current work? Maybe let me know which of the two you find more appealing and explain why? I think your opinions would help me in my pursuit of creating these types of graphics.

Attached are two examples - The first one is mostly transparent with some low opacity layers of hexagons as a subtle background overlayed by the HS logo and of course a post-colorized picture of a character from the game our website is about. The second is a solid-bordered graphic with more texture and detail such as the light rays, the same hexagons as the first, as well as a different post-colorized character from the game. Which of the two stand out more to you? What aspects stand out the most of either.

Thank you for your time your opinion is valued and may help me push the extra few steps to achieve a better, more professional image for our website as well as contribute to building my skills for the future!



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I personally think the 2nd is better, the HaloScene logo is in the frame and it flows much better, i'm only having to move my eyes across to get the most part of what's going on, instead of across and up and down. I would probably change the font used for "haloscene.com" though, something sans serif would look much more in place with the rest of it, Greenmountain 3 is a personal favourite of mine, it's a very versatile font.

but other than that, I would probably do a small black outer glow on the master chief, set to multiply, it would help it pop, just a tiny bit.

That's all from me :)
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