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Under Water Luxury

Really nice Hershy. I like all of it, the colors, textures, etc. Good stuff. Now get in the Valentine challenge and win it! But you'll have stiff competition. All the better. That's what I like about the challenges. They not only increase our skills, but stimulate the imagination.


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I really like this because of all the attention to detail you put in. Like the shark in the background(foreground in this case?) the broken side mirror and the algae :)

You should take ibclares advice and go in a competition. Would be fun to see what you come up with.

Also i like it because I'm pretty sure your name is a play on Hershey Pie.
I don't believe you for a New York minute hershy buddy/bar. Just you go look at the entries to date. If that doesn't give you inspiration, you can just hand over your computer and your copy of PS. I'll take it. :cool2: As you always do, relax and create. Take your time. You have till February 14th. Besides Challenge 8 is coming up . . . if I ever remember to PM the info to egosbar, duh.
OK, but no need to hurry. Plenty of time to finish it. Might as well get it as close to finished as you can. We encourage you to post new versions by editing and updating your originally posted entry. Tanks dudes and dudettes.
I feel there could be a little more done with lighting inside the car maybe and work a little on braking some things so there has been an accident of some sort to give it a little more realism. It is a very nice bit of work though, well done on it :)