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Up for a challenge? Three friends missed out, help us photoshop them in in style!


New Member
My friend just found out she's moving next week and I wanted a picture photoshopped to give her at her birthday party THIS MONDAY, NOVEMBER 14th! We took a group photo, but three close friends missed it. The requests may seem odd, but I guarantee you in conversation these were requested by these friends themselves. One loves rainbow unicorns, one kept tipping on her bike and she thinks it's hilarious, and the third finds pickle juice to be a miracle in her athletic performance.

MAIN.jpg is the main picture to be worked with. Into that picture we'd like
1) Subject A to be flying in on a rainbow unicorn.
2) Subject B to be tipping over on her bike in front.
3) Subject C to be riding a rocket pickle into the picture.
The items can be cartoon like with just the subject's heads on top, or they can be made lifelike. It's all up to you! What you're comfortable with and what you find looks the best. It's mainly getting those three things happening. I've included several pictures of the different subjects (see file names) so you are able to choose which one works the best.(Note on SubjectB3. Subject B is the person on the right with the long sleeve blue shirt.)
I know it's a complicated request and on a short time frame, but maybe someone out there is up for the challenge. And you'll make all these people smile.