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Actions Updates to puppet warp in latest photoshop version?


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Hello all,

I frequently find myself using PS's (CS6) puppet warp tool in Nearest Neighbor mode for pixel art. It does a great job in manipulating sprite parts, but the one issue I have with it is it leaves quite a bit of manual clean-up work to be done since the pixels will almost always get distorted somewhat. However, I still find that this is much faster than doing rotation tricks on various parts of the sprite to achieve a similar outcome.

I'd like to ask if in anyone's experience, the most recent Photoshop version's puppet warp tool is able to create relatively "cleaner" results if puppet warp is used in conjunction with Nearest Neighbor mode. I tried looking online but couldn't really find anything on the matter.

Alternatively, if anyone knows of any other application that does this job better than PS, that'd be great as well.

Thanks in advance!