URGENT: How can I achieve this?


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I'm trying to re-create this but I have no idea on how to do it...


I have taken the body shots I need to make the manip, I also have a coat image, i'm just struggling on how I make the coat like human skin... any help please? I have CS6. Any tips and tricks are very much appreciated!!

Thank you in advance
Take a white coat - just use the cape and the middle party - play around with the blend options - take the "clone stamp tool" to get the same hair - maybe hue/saturation to get the right color etc... can you upload the pictures so we can get a visual idea of ​​where your problem may be? :)


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Thanks Chris! Sorry to hear you had some computer troubles.

I was a little trepid about making this one since it was fairly involved and we've had a rash of one post wonders here lately, but maybe it will help someone out.
Take an image ... click yourself if you have that many hair as required... or google the image and copy the ones you like (keep in mind the copyright policy of the pics) ...

Put it on top of the coat image and play with the blend modes.

Mask off the areas not required...

adjust the levels to get the creases and adjust shadows manually if required..

Voila.. Done... !!!


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Glad it helped. Yours turned out great. (glad you stuck around as well ;))

Chitkaran - I was hoping your way would be easier but when I tried your suggestion I could not get it to work at all. Maybe a quick step by step with photos would help. Thanks.