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Paid Vectoring/converting to a line drawing for laser engraving.

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Hello so, I have two images I am interested in having vectored and filled in. Below are my sad attempts at editing the original images but shpuld show what I am aiming for at least hopefully it is not too expensive to accomplish.


Here is a reduced resolution raster image of concept of what can be done at pretty low cost based on color image with no touch up at all (can be vectorized as well). Will send PM
John Wheeler

I had a good interchange with Cages2Clouds yet after determining more detailed requirements for the job that the example approach I provided was off the mark for the desired end result. Also, what was needed for a clean edged wood engraving of A4 size would need either high resolution raster results and probably preferred vector based hand work of his image. Since that was outside his hopes for lowest cost I suggested some alternative paths for him to consider. One of those suggestions was to come back here and request someone more skilled more proficient in creating vector drawings. I also suggested that there were many sources of low cost vector images similar to his also available at very reasonable costs. I encourage him to post back here not matter which path he took and wished him well on his project. Glad I clarified requirements and expectations up front before embarking on real work.
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