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View actual size of business card on screen


I'm trying to make a business card. Here is what I'm seeing on my screen

and here is what that same thing looks like when I print it out on my printer


The problem is, I feel like I'm not really sure how much I can type on my screen while still making it fit when it is printed out. It looks like a lot more text can fit than is being portrayed on my screen.

Is there a way I can work on the card on my screen is its real world size? Thanks.


Lets go through the maths...

Your image is 3500 x 2250px.

Using IMAGE > Image Size, with resample UNCHECKED, resolution at 300ppi and changing the units to inches this gives us an image size of 11.667" x 7.5"


This is obviously not the right size but it IS the right ratio.

Changing those dimensions to the correct size of 3.5" and 2.25" gives us a resolution of 1000ppi...


This is 3.333 time bigger than we need but we can use it to adjust the image to the correct size.

If you have your Screen Resolution set correctly, as I also suggested in your other thread, you can use VIEW > Print Size to scale the image....BUT...we already know this is too big by a factor of 3.333

Therefore....once you have this view look at the % zoom in the bottom LEFT of the workspace.....for me this equates to 34% (Zoom level) so divide that by 3.333 and that gives us 10.2%.

Enter this value into the zoom level box and your image will be at the real world size...


To calculate your Screen resolution you need to measure your screens width, preferably in mm, and then convert it to inches.

Divide your screen width IN PIXELS by that value in INCHES and that will be your screen resolution.

For me I get a value of 102ppi...
Enter this value into the Screen Resolution box in the Preferences under Units And Rulers...


If you want to be clever and cut out all the previous zoom calculations you can fake this resolution (divide by 3.333) to make the Print Size correct without having to adjust it....BUT....remember to put this back to its real value for your next project.

For me that would be 102 / 3.333 = 30.6 ppi.

An alternative is to just go with the original px dimensions that a 3.5" by 2.25" @ 300ppi image gives you, but this may be too small to work on.

This equates to 1050 x 675px. (@ 300ppi)

The choice is yours.

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