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Specific Want to see how the brushed black vinyl on the car and black brake calipers look in diff color


New Member
The car is a 2017 Corvette Grand Sport in Black Rose tintcoat paint. It has black brake calipers and I did a 3M 1080 vinyl brushed black metallic on the center of the hood and center of the roof (and center back side as well - not shown). What I'm interested in doing is getting the calipers powder coated and redoing the vinyl both in some shade of gold or bronze (if that's what you'd call a dark gold). Looking at a complementary color app on ipad it seems that some shade like that might go well with this color paint.

Wondering if some kind soul could create a couple versions of these two pics (or just one of the pics, if one is good enough to see the hood and brake calipers) with some variations of gold?