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washing tunnel project

Hi guys, this is my first post so apologies for any mistakes. Can any of you be so kind and erase white marks from the floor from the photo that I attach please. Any help will be much appreciated.


If this were my project, I would also:

1. Fix the converging verticals; and,

2. Do a better job removing the pervasive sallow, yellow-brown color cast from the overhead fluorescent lights.

3. Slightly enhance the colors that do belong in the scene, eg, the blue-ish metal panels on the side of the machine, the yellow pillar, etc.

Tom M


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Humm ... When I first looked to see what color the the side panels were on that machine, I saw an example that had a light blue / cyan color. This was also the color that they became when I used the color correction eye dropper in ACR on your image.

However, I just happened to notice that the machine also comes with side panels of other colors. These include white, cream, and even a rainbow like effect where each section has a different color. Since there was no MacBeth color checker included in your photo, I couldn't be sure which color your machine has, but no matter which it is, it's easy to change the color if need be.

Tom M