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Specific Watch bracelet editing


Hi guys!
I'm contemplating brushing down some of the link colomns of my watch bracelet, to tone it down a bit, and make it a bit more lively. But, as one can imagine, it will be an expensive mistake if it turns out bad. So I would really like to get a visual impression of how my idea actually will look like.
The bracelet consists of 7 colomns of links, all in high polish. I would like to brush down colomn 3 and 5. Same metal, same color/shade, but matte/brushed finish with minimal glare.

Images 1 and 2 depicts the watch with the actual high polish bracelet. I would ofcourse like both images to be edited, but if only one, I would prefer the first one.

Images 3 and 4 shows the same model from the same angle, but one with high polished bracelet, and the other with brushed/matte bracelet.
Image 5 is another image depicting the kind of brushed/matte finish I'm looking for, for colomn 3 and 5. Maybe these images can be useful in the editing process, I don't know.

Images 1 and 2 (the images I would like edited):

Images 3 and 4 (high polish VS brushed example):

Image 5 (brushed/matte example):

If anyone would like to help me visualize this, It would be greatly appreciated!
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