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Weird Pixelated Lines When Zoomed In or Out.

I have no clue why this is happening. I can't seem to find help anywhere else. I'm fairly new to Photoshop and Paintool Sai never did this.
My settings for the file are at 2000x2000 at 300 Pixels/Inch. This problem happens no matter the size though.
My guess is a graphics problem. I have a GeForce GTX 970 and have fully updated drivers.
I know that this isn't a problem that everyone has because Photoshop at my school doesn't have this problem. Also, I've watched many videos of people drawing in Photoshop and they do not have this problem.
Please help if you can.

Thank you

Zommed in.JPG
Zoomed out.JPG
If IamSam's suggestion does not work, then just reset the Brush Tool. There is probably some setting that is off causing the issue and I bet this clears it up.
John Wheeler