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In my line of work it's not very often that you come across people who do graphics/art, use Photoshop so on and so on ( didn't know it was etc, etc, or ect,ect, ), But today I did, he showed me his art work, and he ask the question was it good ? Well, who am I to say if it's good or bad, we had more of a conversation and he said that some people said it was good and some said bad which is why he ask me the same question.

I was a bit concern how he would react with my reply so I put it to him this way.

Take a look at mine and see what you have to say, I also told him not to hold back and say what he thought, After 5 minuets has said " some good some bad " I replied " it took you 5 min to look through 30 images and give your reply", I then took him to another site as well and also Deviant Art and showed him again with some of the comments that had been left. He was surprised to see that some of the art he said was bad had good comments and the ones he thought good bad comments, He got lost in him self a little and look through other parts of the sites and I listen to him saying " how dos anyone not like that " Good heavens, surly that's not as good as the comments".

After 20 min or more a said to him. ART is how the person viewing it sees it, Even professionals of all walks of life in whatever profession there in see something design,written, drawn, painted or what ever and say to them selves " that could do with a little ---------, or " I think I would have done it this way ", " maybe a little more contrast, or colour, or depth, or perspective, or, well you get the idea.

So I just reminded him that it dos not matter ( well to me anyway ) who is looking at your work, weather professional or not, if pro, as long as your customer is final happy then that's it. as far as your own art is concern then as long as your happy with it it doesn't really matter what any one else thinks of it unless your doing for a customer then the same rule applies until the point there happy with the end result.

The more I sat and talk to him about him painting what he feels and sees, how he paints it etc ( I think etc ) the more comfortable he became about his own art, he worries too much about what people think, and I told him not to do this but just concentrate on the art he wants to do and produce, and he will even get more confidant and believe in himself, and is art will benefit from it even more.

By the time I left he was so happy, you could see the smile and enjoyment he had got from our chat, SO I THINK, NO HOPE, That I have done something good for him.

By the way it made me late for my next appointment who wasn't very happy so didn't help me any way, I had some grovelling to do I can tell you.

SO it cross my mind to ask the members here what's your take on other peoples art ? how do you look at it?. I know depends on whether critique is ask or not, but just from looking at from a personal point , what are your thoughts ?.

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Queen Bee
Hi Andrew, I agree with your assessment for the most part. Sorry you had to grovel at your next appointment.

I think it may be easier to critique as good or bad if a person is doing a photo or something in PS. Then you can look at technique and design elements. In painting or other work with special effects, it is more grey than black or white. I think if it is a new-to-the-art person saying, "this is what I meant to do," and you think that person needs a lot more experience and learning to be making that claim, then it is is a bit more complex to critique.

If anyone else likes it, then like you said, to the viewer goes the option to say like or dislike. Some people are born artists and just do good stuff. But even if someone might recognize it as good art in their opinion, another might not. Still, if you are looking at it from the stand point of being an experienced artist with a good artist's eye, in my opinion, your assessment is more valid, if you know what I mean.

I hope I haven't made a muddle of my thoughts on this . . .